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Milk Solutions is made in South Africa and has been specifically formulated to address the everyday exposure of the skin of the hands and feet to some of the harshest and most visibly damaging environmental elements.

With an outdoors-oriented lifestyle, blazing sunshine, incredible heat and fiercely dry air, feet in South Africa are kept bare whenever possible, contending with grass, sand, stones and gravel from their very first steps. Lengthy walking distances, outdoor activities, sports and a culture of dancing are part of the everyday for many.

Hands are (ab)used as tools for cooking, cleaning, gardening, carrying and are frequently exposed to treated water and chemicals. In a country where cars are the primary form of transport, they also suffer from daily exposure to harsh windscreen-magnified rays.

Combining traditional and non-traditional beauty ingredients with advanced scientific technologies and processes, each Milk Solutions product has been developed to deliver effective, visible results that actively address the variety of hand, feet and nail concerns experienced by women of different ages, ethnicities and lifestyles.


Soothing Foot Solution

Intensive gel for professional pedicure treatment. Gel formula containing organic acids offers an effective way of dissolving dead skin cells in the heels area. Easy in application, quick in action. Feet become perfectly smooth and incredibly nice in touch, in just 15 minutes.

Nourishing and intensely moisturizing cream, created for extending the effect of professional pedicure treatment. Made of rich and selected mixture of active ingredients, which brings back the optimal level of skin hydration and a young healthy look.