Glamour Express

MS Aesthetics


From beauty to makeup to aesthetics, I get to do what I love everyday! Since day one at Camelot International, I knew, if I could give women even the slightest boost of extra confidence, this is what I was meant to do.

Deciding to mix art with aesthetics was the perfect solution for me! Framing a face with a new eyebrow or giving colour to the face with permanent lips. Combined my love for makeup and the aesthetic world. Giving my knowledge to my clients has always been a favourite of mine. Imparing important fact and tips about the skin and makeup will always put a smile on my face. With the seriousness of life sometimes, you must know there will always be a good laugh in my treatment room!

Michal Samovich visits Glamour Express on a monthly bases.

To avoid disappointment, contact us in time to ensure you have an appointment.