Glamour Express

100% French and independently owned by the original family that formulated it.

The Soul of the brand has passed from generation to generation. High Percentages of innovative, concentrated and performing Active ingredients ensure visible result and treatments. The treatment methodology treats skin according to its type and condition and is assessed through a specific Diagnosis method, a personal Perscription system is then given and a Treatment Programme recommended.

Made in France

Made in France adhering to strict EU criteria which ensures no harmful ingredients are used in our formulations.

Natural Skincare

Clean and natural formulas. Our Biomimetic scientific products are formulated with ore than 98% ingredients from natural origin.

Vegan Products

Our newly formulated ranges are vegan with no derived animal ingredients.

Clean Beauty

We respect the microbiome of our skin and the ecosystem of our environment. Transparency in active ingredients.


We are Climate Neutral Certified. Our containers and packaging are 100% recyclable.

FSC Packaging

Our FSC certified packaging ensures sustainable forest management.

We are excited to launch our NEW SKINCARE from Académie Scientifique de Beaute.
This fantastic FRENCH cosmetic house is family owned and pioneered on 130 years of research and development.

Our promotion of Académie Scientifique de Beaute launch is this incredible YOUTHFUL facial Intense Age Recovery & Radiance Expert Treatment, 90min – R1450,00

For mature skin with cutaneous slackening and lack of elasticity.
To erase the visible signs of ageing (deep and fine lines). Perfect for skin with a lack of radiance.
Lifted, visibly younger skin recovers firmness and radiance.
Restores suppleness & plumps due to its hyaluronic acid filling spheres.

We are launching our third FACIAL treatment from Academie Scientifique de Beaute.

This fantastic FRENCH cosmetic house is family owned and pioneered on 130 years of research and development.

Optimum Radiance Oxygenating Treatment + Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour

(80min) – R1850

Radiance GLOW FACIAL is the perfect treatment to boost pre-event, post illness, post over indulgence & stress.
Add extra GLOW with the Anti-Wrinkle EYE CONTOUR treatment to target fine lines & wrinkles and illuminates the eye contour area.

This oxygenating treatment is ideal for uneven skin tone, helps eliminate impurities and dead skin cell.
This detoxifying beauty ritual helps to get rid of a dull complexion lacking radiance. The natural luminosity of the skin is revived.
Results : The skin is radiant, glowing and protected from internal and external aggressions.
Retail products available.

COLLAGEN & ELASTIN Treatment (90min) – R1550.00

A high-performance technological process that delivers 3 different forms of collagen: 

Native collagen fibres:
protects the collagen stock from degradation in the extracellular matrix.
Soluble Collagen and Collagen peptides similar to those of the skin.
Strengthen, repair and support the spontaneous regeneration of the skin by boosting the synthesis of support fibres.
A concentrated Sea Elastin Ampoule is included in the treatment to stimulate the synthesis of elastin, leaving the skin more supple and assisting in combating sagging tissue.
This treatment is result driven and provides optimal hydration while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
The epidermis is plumped up, smooth and supple.
The complexion is luminous and fresh.
The skin is youthful and redensified.