Glamour Express

The biochemical realisation that ageing is a chronic disorder accelerated by inflammation, has opened so many avenues to intervene and inhibit the ageing process in the body in a natural way.

The environment of the 21st century loaded with toxins, pollution, stress and a poor diet with deficient nutrients is the major fuel on the fire of inflammation in our bodies.
In response to these demands facing modern man and the ensuing damage in the cells of the body, Largavita Bioscience has launched a very unique and powerful combination called NADplus+ Complex based on an enormous volume of scientific facts and evidence.

This is a world’s first Nutraceutical combination with 19 active ingredients, present in 3 complexes, each with a distinctive goal to prolong healthy ageing.

It’s unique ‘firstness’ lies in the NAD+ ingredient that has scientifically been proven to inhibit and even reverse ageing!