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O Nutricia Collagen peptides are the most bio identical to human cell structure.
Works best with your DNA and is paleo, diabetic and banting friendly.

We recommend using the products together for better results especially for skin. Vit C works synergistically with collagen.
Collagen starts off as procollagen.
Your body makes procollagen by combining two amino acids — glycine and proline. This process uses vitamin C.

You may be able to help your body absorb this important protein by making sure you take 3 x capsules of O Nutricia Vitamin C.

Why 3 capsules and not 1 or 2?
3 is the therapeutic dosage 😉

People who are at risk of Vitamin C deficiency:

◽️The elderly
◽️Those with alcohol use disorder, anorexia, or cancer
◽️Practicing fad diets
◽️Those with food allergies
◽️Gut inflammation, gastrointestinal reflux, or Whipple disease
◽️Taking medications such as aspirin, indomethacin, oral contraceptives, tetracyclines, and corticosteroids.
◽️Those who have renal failure due to filtration of water-soluble vitamin C during dialysis
◽️Those with a complication of interleukin-2 treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma
◽️Receiving liver transplants

Daily need increases in patients with conditions like gingivitis, asthma, glaucoma, collagen disorders, heatstroke, arthritis, infections (pneumonia, sinusitis, rheumatic fever), and chronic illnesses. Hemovascular disorders, burns, and delayed wound healing are causes for an increase in the daily intake.

As you know by now, collagen is everywhere in the body, and vitamin C plays a role in the formation of collagen. So, how is vitamin C involved in collagen synthesis?
When collagen is produced, there is a complex series of events, some occurring inside of the cell, and some outside of the cell. Vitamin C is active inside of the cell, where it hydroxylates (adds hydrogen and oxygen) to two amino acids: proline and lysine. This helps form a precursor molecule called procollagen that is later packaged and modified into collagen outside of the cell. Without vitamin C, collagen formation is disrupted, causing a wide variety of problems throughout the body.

O Nutricia has encapsulated Vitamin C in a capsule with a small amount of collagen.

We prefer to Capsulate then adding Vitamin C to your collagen powder. Chewable tablets and powdered forms of vitamin C supplements expose your teeth to more acid than vitamin C pills, which can harm your teeth unless you choose a nonacidic version and rinse your mouth out well with water afterward.

For best results use the two products together. We recommend taking 3x capsules at night before bedtime. One scoop of collagen peptides can be taken at night or in the morning.