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TheraVine™ is an award-winning scientifically advanced range of result-driven health and skincare products. Active ingredients, grape derivatives and botanical extracts are fused to formulate skin care that gives you perfectly balanced and radiant skin.

Due to the complexity of  the skin conditions and related products, TheraVine™ especially recommends consulting with a TheraVine™ trained skin care professional before purchasing products to treat skin conditions such as acne, sensitivity or pigmentation.

We believe that using the names of cutting-edge active ingredients is not good enough – for a product to achieve results one has to ensure that the highest possible concentration is included so as to give you a product that will transform your experience of health and skincare and give you the youthful and radiant skin you have always dreamed of.

TheraVineTM obtains its grape-derived ingredients, rich in anti-oxidants, amongst others from the South African indigenous Pinotage grape cultivars, which contain high concentrations of grapeseed polyphenols, known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC’s). 

Anti-oxidants in skincare products are vital as they help repair past damages to the skin as well as assist to prevent future damage caused by free radicals. The brand’s formulations consist of many different multi-generational variations and cultivars of grape technologies, using different parts of the grape and vine to benefit the skin in various ways – from signs of the first wrinkles to the reversal of the deepest.

Over and above the addition of South Africa’s local cultivars, the below grape actives are also included in the product formulations.

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