Glamour Express

Gel Nail System

GLAM PRO International has been a giant of the Southern Africa’s countries market.

Our Legendary GLAM PRO Rubber Base has taken South Africa and neighbouring countries by storm since its reveal to all nail technicians nationwide (regardless to the brand their qualified with!). The Legendary Rubber Base has been the ultimate solution for people of all genders, struggling with problematic nails. Nothing and absolutely nothing comes close to the power of The Legend!
Only the best quality products, for the best price. Professional Trainings with the most Advanced Techniques resulting in, thousands of grateful students all over the country.

GLAM PRO International was founded by Irina Pechorina in 2012 in Pretoria, South Africa.
Since the establishment was built on corporate relations, faith and efficient business approach, it resulted in our competitiveness and thus the dynamic growth of the company.
Many careers of nail technicians have been transformed with the latest nail art techniques introduced by Irina, together with the introduction of high quality, affordable products available to them for purchase.

GLAM PRO International represents a high standard of Service. Our staff is very confident, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We respect and believe in people as we know that the success of our business was created by personal efforts of everyone in a well-organized team.

Acrylic Nail System

We listen to nail professionals to understand your needs as we pursue better nail chemistry, better techniques and faster applications to help you succeed. You ask, we answer.

Since the 1950s, NSI has been a family owned and operated manufacturer of high quality monomers, polymers, and other enhancement products for the professional nail industry. As early developers, inventors, and chemists, NSI pioneered and developed the first non-yellowing, cross linked formulations used in all traditional acrylic systems today.

As pioneers, NSI was the first to introduce fiberglass-reinforced polymers, light activated liquid and powder acrylics, UV cured gels, and air and heat activated polish sealants. Our chemists continually meet the demand for innovative products. In terms of quality control, NSI goes the extra mile by providing batch and tracking numbers on all products. If a nail technician does experience a problem, it can be quickly identified and solved.