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Microwave Bag | Coastal Calm


AromaHeat Microwave Bag – Coastal Calm


AromaHeat Microwave Bag – Coastal Calm

This ergonomically designed microwave bag sits comfortably across the shoulders to provide targeted relief to your upper back and eases stress, aches and pains. The bag is sectioned so that the heat is contained in each specific area. This means the heat therapy is targeted to the shoulder and neck area without the seeds falling down.

Each set includes the locally-sewn neck and shoulder flaxseed microwave therapy bag with a 100% cotton washable cover, and includes a 10ml AromaRoll essential oils roller.

Our AromaHeat bags are made with a food grade flaxseed which means the bag doesn’t develop a strong smell. The bag is odourless and remains so over time – unlike other heat bags which use wheat.


1. Using the AromaRoll essential oil roller, apply some of the essential oil onto your skin and massage gently till absorbed.
2. Heat the bag for MAX 2 – 3 minutes in the microwave.
3. Never heat the bag for longer than 3 minutes at a time. If you prefer to heat it longer do so 1 minute at a time until your preferred heat is reached.
4. Position heated microwave bag across your shoulders.
5. Breathe in the aroma of the essential oils, relax and enjoy!


• Great for stress release
• Great for pain relief
• Can be used during meditation
• Helps promote restful sleep
• Ideal for self-care
• Can be used hot or cold
• Odourless
• Perfect for children, teens and adults
• Great to give as gifts
• No artificial fragrances
• No preservatives
• Ergonomic design
• High-quality luxury fabric
• A 100% local, handmade product


• Caution: Never heat the bag for longer than 3 minutes (at a time) in the microwave
• Wash the outer cover as often as needed
• Never wash or immerse the inner bag containing flaxseed in water


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